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We are the leading specialists in global transportation of Container handling ,break bulk, heavy lift and project cargoes of any description to any route and any destination.
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Eland Shipping & Logistics offers a door-to-door delivery of project cargoes. Taking into account client’s wishes and transported cargo specific character. Eland Shipping & Logistics arrays most efficient delivery chain with the use of different means of transport


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Our expert knowledge of specialists, transportation, plays an important role and stands the engineers among our clientele instead of planning and organization for extremes.
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  • International Star Award for Quality – Gold Category – Geneva – 21st September 2014
    • For Customer satisfaction, Leadership, Innovation and Prestige as established in the QC100 TQM model.
  • ESQR’s Quality Achievements Award 2015 – Gold Category – London – 14th June 2015
    • In recognition of its outstanding commitment, support and efforts to endorse and improve achievements in Quality Management.
  • International Star for Leadership in Quality Award – Platinum Category – Paris – 28th June 2015
    • For outstanding Business achievements, for perseverance and leadership in excellence and quality in accordance with the QC100 criteria.
  • International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2015 – Gold Category – Vienna – 9th December 2015
    • In recognition of its superior development efforts, overall excellence and commitment to economic progress, both for itself and its community as a whole.
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After serving in the maritime sector for over 30 years, Eland Shipping & Logistics was incorporated in 2007 and ever since its inception, Eland Shipping & Logistics has made ceaseless efforts to create a history of changes and challenges under the motto creating value for customers and trading partners.
This company has successfully conducted and completed many projects within this span of nine long years over eighteen countries around the globe. It is striving to be the best transport company based on the capacity and know how it has accumulated through those experiences, assistance and co-operation from its valued customers. Consequently, we have received four International Awards for our quality of services, reliability, efficiency, cost and time.
Inspired by its loyal clientele base, ESL is redoubling its efforts and endeavors to develop new ventures and become constantly a growing enterprise. All these are aimed at increasing value of our customers, partners, patrons, well-wishers and also the critics.
We would like to extend our profound gratitude and thanks to all our customers and business partners for the unsparing love and sympathy shown for ESL over the years.
It is our commitment to redouble our efforts to repay our love and trust in the years to come.

Thank you very much.
Golam Morshed Faruque

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10 Anson Road
#24-05 International Plaza
Singapore 079903.



4th floor, Shadharan Bima Sadan (Nr. World trade center)
102, Agrabad Commercial Area
Chittagong – 4100, Bangladesh.
Telephone: +88 – 031- 2528801-2

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